At Lavishly Lux Studio we work hard and love hard. As wedding photographers, we are passionate about our work. If you can even call it work! We love what we do. We’re inspired by the expression of true love, unscripted and un-posed. 

Think of our style as artistic photojournalism. We take the realism and candid nature of photojournalism and infuse it with beauty, romance, and grace.  Consistently  a representation of the  parallels of Love & Art: unpredictable, exhilarating in simplicity and intriguing in complexity yet beautiful because of its inevitability. The most moving of images represent both, never overly posed or predetermined.

Our Greatest desire is to possess the intimate and unique ability to capture a glimpse or hint of Gods greatest gift – love- through our photographs. As a team, this is our humanity and the most exquisite part of our being. 

Our photo + video team is based in Dallas, with associate team members in Austin,  Atlanta & Baltimore/DC, however we’re happy to jump on a plane and follow the calls of the heart.