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They say if you want something done, then ask a Southern woman. With that being said, we have 9 Southern Black Female Wedding Photographers to hire for your perfectly planned Southern wedding. Often heard saying  , “Y’all, “Where y’at”, “For y’alls information”, “Goodness gracious”,  Southern women are nothing less than spectacular.  She’s usually “just as sweet as pie”, unless you’re only serving unsweet tea at your wedding (Sweet tea is the official drink of the southern woman).

A  Southern black woman is usually in a class of their own, captivating , good-humored, God-fearing,  polite, outspoken and immutable. She’s only helpless when her nail polish is drying,  She’s got a strong nature and great work effort, which was probably  taught by her Big Mamma or Nana , makes her undeniably a force to be reckoned with. So, in recognition of Black History Month I’ll take a few moment to “Let the cat out of the bag” and give you 9 of our favorite Southern Black Female Wedding Photographers.

9 Southern Black Female Wedding Photographers

  1. Lauren – Harbor Grace Photography
  2. Kariss – Pharris Photos
  3. Ivy – Ivy Weddings
  4. Angela – Angela Lauren Company
  5. Lajoy – Lajoy Photography
  6. Jennifer – Jennifer Ryals Photography
  7. Elizabeth – Elizabeth Austin Photography
  8. Tyson – Tyson Pough Photography
  9. Misha – Lavishly Lux Studio (Of course, we’re included)

As you’re planning your celebration, we hope you keep these ladies in mind. I guarantee, any of them will provide you stunning and timeless photos for  you to cherish for a lifetime.

Lavishly Lux Studio is a team of African American wedding photographers, one thing we love more than telling love stories, is supporting or fellow female entrepreneurs. Our goal is to celebrate and uplift all women from all backgrounds. We would love to hear your feedback. Who’s your favorite?