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There are tons of reasons to send wedding referral gifts to clients/couples. If you’re on the fence about it or you just haven’t found a reliable company to order with, let me introduce you guys to BoxFox. This company seeks to create a more personalized way of sending gifts, something more thoughtful than just flowers or a typical store gift basket. BoxFox lets you mix and match, choose something pre-packaged, or create a 100% custom box with every element chosen by you. 


Here are some reasons that you should send wedding gift boxes as referral gifts:


  1. It’s a great way to recruit more business to your company through word of mouth referrals.
  2. It is a nice token to show that you’re appreciative of your client’s business.
  3. You can personalize and customize the boxes to fit the personality’s of your clients.
  4. It’s a great way to build your brand.


If you have custom colors, notes, or a particular theme that you like to select, you can build your brand by partnering with BoxFox and getting your gift boxes from this company. BoxFox seeks to create stronger relationships between others by offering the highest quality gifts. Your client’s will likely refer you to other couples who may be searching for help on their big day because their customer service experience will be enhanced through these thoughtful gifts. They are both impressed, thankful, and inclined to suggest my photography services to other couples. I can’t say enough positive things about BoxFox, you must try them for yourself to experience all the wonderful products they have to offer.