Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Preston Bailey Live Event as a photography sponsor, and it was so worth it! This event is for the many wedding service providers looking to fine tune their skills by learning from one of the best in the world. Preston Bailey is a wedding and event decorator who happens to specialize in celebrity weddings; Mr. Bailey, boasts an impressive resume having serviced the likes of LeBron James and many other notable celebrities to boot.


Allow me to give you 4 reasons why I enjoyed the Preston Bailey Live Event: 


Firstly, while at Legacy Castle, a New Jersey wedding venue where the event was held, I experienced unrivaled hospitality. This luxury wedding venue was an amazing experience in and of itself. Despite there being about 140 guests at the event, there was immense detail paid to each guest with each individual being formally greeted by the lovely Mr. Bailey himself. And it didn’t stop there, somehow the amazing food was matched by an equally amazing wait staff; with a delectable selection of fresh fruits, fresh cookies for lunch, and shrimp, salmon, oysters and a variety of deserts for dinner; this event provided me with everything I could ever ask for!


Secondly, the opportunities for networking seemed to be endless. Every kind of wedding services provider you could think of was in attendance, from florists to decor planners and everything else in between. After being fortunate to attend such a trendy event I am eager and inspired to work with some of my fellow wedding and event planning colleagues in the near future. 


Thirdly, present at the Preston Bailey live event were many decorated speakers each equipped with specialized knowledge concerning the wedding and event planning industry. There, I was afforded the opportunity to pick the brains of some of the best of the best in the industry gaining access to much of their coveted ideas. I learned about diversity in weddings and celebrating other cultures, pricing, negotiating and decor tips such as lighting. 


Lastly, the unique hands on experience was delightful touch. They guided us through different settings; the first being a flower elephant –  In India, an elephant with its trunk up symbolizes good luck. It’s the perfect decor element for any event. This table setting was called, “a ray of light” . Preston designed a similar table for Joan Rivers in 1999. He really has done it all when it comes to celebrity weddings! The second was wall art and the attendees created centerpieces that vwere made with florals, grapes, apples, pomegranates, and other fruits. The  third was a tree wall with yellow flowers, which was beautiful. Even though I am not a florist or decor person, but I learned a great deal.


Overall, I had an unforgettable experience at this event and you all must remember to check out Legacy Castle if you’re looking for a New Jersey wedding venue, you won’t be disappointed. A special thanks to Preston Bailey for the incredible opportunity and experience to attend his highly informative workshop, it was perfect!


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