Knotting Hill – Dallas Wedding Venue

Knotting Hill – Dallas Wedding Venue

As a wedding photographer, my favorite part of my job is actually shooting the “getting ready” portion of the day.

This allows me to express the love story from the very beginning and in the purest of forms. It’s great because this is such an intimate moment and it allows me to really get to know the couples I’m working with a little bit more.

Take a look at those photos and shoot me a quick message if you’re interested in my services! I’m going to talk a bit about this amazing venue I came to find. It’s called The Knotting Hill venue, situated amidst the charming lake town of Little Elm, Texas, it really is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before and more than grand.

The estate and staff carefully deliver a more than amazing experience for your big day. Ultimately, you won’t believe the attention to detail everywhere you look within the 17,000-square foot venue on five acres with you and your dreams in mind.

Knotting Hill offers a wide range of backdrops depending on the concept and aesthetic of the wedding. Personally, this is my dream as a photographer. When you see a great venue like Knotting Hill, you know that the wedding is going to go more than well and I definitely recommend this location as an option for a dream wedding.

More about Shooting Getting Ready Photos

I like to use a documentary method when shooting getting ready photos. I want everything to look natural and casual, so I’ll usually hold for the natural shots vs. the posed ones. Natural light is my preference in this case because I feel I am capturing the emotion in every shot. However, I love giving everything I do an artistic edge, so for this, I’ll place a LED light somewhere in the room. For lenses? Well, Prime lenses are my go to, mainly because they help create a more dramatic look.

Lens Tips: If you’re looking to try out a few lenses, I recommend renting first before buying just to see if you like it. My favorite rental company is Aperturent. If you would prefer to buy, take a look at a few of my favorites on Amazon.