Dallas Black Wedding Planners

Weddings are so magical, but planning a wedding can be hard work. We always recommend hiring a planner, you definitely won’t forget it. There are a few options for planners and most provide a variety of services. Most offer full planning, partial planning, month of and/ or day of services. Although a day of planner is nice to have, Most of the planning happens months before the day. Some may consider hiring a wedding planner to be expensive but don’t freak out, (if you haven’t already), a wedding planner can really save your dollars and stress levels. Below are a few of the top black wedding planners in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

Dallas Black Wedding Planners

  1. Swank Soiree
  2. Touch Of Jewel
  3. Renees Eventi
  4. Beyond Posh Events
  5. Finney Events
  6. Simply Paush Events
  7. Ruah Dior Events

Our list is just a few of the Dallas black wedding planners in the Metroplex. Whether you are planning a cultural affair, destination wedding or traditional wedding, any of the planners on our list are more than qualified. As a wedding photographer, we recommend all of our couples hire a planner and here are a few reasons;

  1. No Stress – Wedding planning is stressful.
  2. Manage Your Budget – A good planner is the master of making sure you stay on budget, and may be able to save you a few dollars.
  3. Save Your Relationships- Relying on friends and family to manage your wedding can be a bit tricky. Save your  relationship and hire an outsider.
Dallas Wedding Planners

Dallas Wedding Planners